Our People

Our People


Shun Cheong's professional team has more than 800 employees, including maintenance technicians, project managers and engineers with qualifications and certifications in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering, and is led and supported by the professional management and logistics team of the headquarters. This elite team is the most valuable asset of the Group. They have the courage to accept challenges, face difficulties, provide innovative solutions at critical moments, and ultimately bring positive economic benefits to the Group. In addition, the Group has all the certifications required by the electromechanical industry, which enables us to undertake engineering projects of different types and scales. Adhering to the group's corporate spirit of "Commitment to our people and the pursuit of excellence", over the years, the group has attracted many top professionals in the industry to join hands with us to create success. Our group advocates "Be Here Now" as the core value. In order to realize this value, we encourage our colleagues to learn for life. We believe that continuous learning not only enriches and enhances the knowledge and capabilities of colleagues, but also broadens their skills and develops future opportunities. We have also established different types of training and development programmes to enable them to reach their potential and develop their strengths on the platform provided by the Group. As a Hong Kong-based and expanding M&E engineering and technology group, we welcome you to join our dynamic team of professionals and start a new chapter in your career.

Management Philosophy

Core Values


The occupational health and safety of our personnel has always been of utmost importance to the Shun Cheong Electrical Group (as "the Group"). Hence, a comprehensive occupational health and safety policy has been formulated. With such policy, the Group has ensured effective management and is committed to reducing occupational health and safety risks for employees at all levels (including partners, subcontractors and their employees). We aim to maintain a healthy and safe working environment without accidents or incidents. The health and safety procedures and practices established by the Group are strictly in compliance with the relevant laws in the jurisdiction, including the Employment Ordinance, the Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance, and the Factory and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Management) Regulations. In workplaces with higher health and safety risks, relevant industry standards and guidelines will be referred to where applicable. The Group's top management is responsible for guiding the Group's sustainable development strategy at all levels, as well as promoting occupational health and safety. The Group's Health, Safety and Environmental Management Committee have been supervising the Group's various departments and other member companies to make sure that the work in all sites and projects have met the requirements of relevant safety ordinance or regulations. Besides, the committee has ensured that all employees and personnel (including partners, subcontractors and their employees) have understood our OSH policy and practice. Managerial employees, contractors and related parties are responsible for ensuring that their employees have understood the risks at work. Appropriate procedures have been set. Adequate training and supervision have been provided to ensure that all employees and personnel can work in a healthy and safe environment.

Career Development

Training & Development

We believe that continuous learning can uplift our staff to be more competent to overcome the challenges and keep pace with the changing environment. Graduates Training Program on Professional EngineersSC cooperates with Hong Kong Institution of Engineers on the Graduate Engineers Training Scheme “A” Program in 3 disciplines, Building Services Engineering (BSS) and Electrical Engineering (ELL), Mechanical Engineering (MCL), to provide registered graduate trainees with the opportunity to achieve the necessary reinforcement of theory with practice. Course Sponsorship ProgramTo encourage our employee to pursue continuing education, a Course Sponsorship Program has been established over the years to provide appropriate sponsorship for those who wish to continue their studies so that they can enhance their professional knowledge and skills, and maximize their accomplishments within the Group. Safety Training CourseSC is the legal agency approved by the HKSAR Labour Department to provide “mandatory safety training courses”. We regularly organizes training courses for our employee. 

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